About Us

About Us

Finally the EDC Belt you have always dreamed of. 100% Form & Function. 0% UGLY. We focus exclusively on producing luxury everyday carry belts that look attractive and can hold the weight of a full size handgun. By purchasing one of our belts, you will be able to carry discretely and protect your family in style. So versatile, even if you don't own a gun, you will love our belt!

Our company was founded in 2014 by Tiffany Scott and combines architecture (her profession) with her love of fashion and pro-2A lifestyle. She and her husband, Ken (owner of Provectus Group), are huge supporters of the 2nd Amendment.

A portion of all profits will be donated to local charitable organizations to:

  • fight poverty and the homeless of Atlanta metro-area
  • bring awareness on gun safety and the importance of the 2nd Amendment


Our Sustainable Cork Belts

All of our belts are made from high quality cork leather, an extremely durable, vegan alternative to animal leather. It is naturally water resistant, stain resistant, anti-microbial, and scratch resistant. Our belts will last you for years to come with minimal care. Purchase our belts with confidence!

Cork leather is made from the slices of the bark of a cork oak tree. The harvesting of the bark does not involve felling of the tree, nor does it do harm to the tree. In fact, harvesting cork oak trees every 9 years once they reach maturity (25 years) which actually helps the tree live longer. Some cork oak trees live for 350 years or more.

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