Cork Belt Awesomeness Explained

You will never buy another belt. This modern and unisex design is made of 100% Cork. A thickness of 1.25 in (32mm) makes it perfect for every day wear and every day carry (EDC) since it will fit through most belt loops. You can dress this belt up or down very easily. There are so many other special features to our belt but here are a just a few:
  • ONE OF A KIND - No 2 pieces will be identical due to the nature of this organic material. Each belt will differ slightly, providing each new owner with a unique work of art from nature.
  • INTERCHANGEABLE BUCKLES! Select from 1 of 4 scratch resistant architecturally inspired buckle finishes. Additional finishes available for purchase separately.
  • NO MORE HOLES - our belt provides 39 unique adjustments for an extremely comfortable fit and 9" to play with. Just cut the belt to size and go!
  • EASY USE - Simply slide the belt through the buckle to automatically lock the belt in place at 1/4" increments! To release the belt, lift the lever and pull. Simple, smooth and sleek!
  • MAXIMUM DURABILITY - Natural cork feels like suede and dyed cork feels like regular leather. It even smells like leather, but don't worry it is leather free! It wears like leather and is waterproof too! It is thick and sturdy enough to for every day carry.
  • STORAGE & CARE - We recommend you store your belt loosely rolled (no smaller than 5-6" diameter) or on a belt hanger. Tightly rolling the belt causes creases and accelerated wear. Do not wash your belt or dry in a dryer. If the belt gets wet, hang and air dry. Excessive heat, such as in a dryer, may cause damage and is not recommended.